BBC consultation about on-demand services

This post is instigated by an article in Linux Journal called “Save the BBC from Windows DRM!”. The article raises few very reasonable concerns about BBC independance if media publisher decides to go Microsoft route to protect its on-demand content. Since I am currently living in UK and as such paying the TV License tax, I just could not miss the chance to say what I think about this issue, especially taking into account the money I must pay for the license (at the moment it is about 131.50 pounds for colour TV set per year). I am sure there are much better ways BBC could spent my money than just giving them away to a company known for abusing its monopoly to stifling inovations and smashing competition. I would rather prefer to see my money invested in improving the quality of the content and making it more accessible to the public.

As advised at the end of Linux Journal article I visited BBC Consultation page and filled out the questionaire. I also decided to publish it on my blog, to make sure my concerns will not dissapear buried under the usual bureaucracy typical for large organizations. Below are the questions and my answers.
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