London under attack

To anyone who is concered about me and Tanya – we are OK. It seems that London has been targeted by terrorirsts. All London Underground stations has been closed and no transport whatsoever is allowed to travel in Central London. There are many people at work who can’t get back home due to the freeze. So far there are 6 explosions confirmed by british authorities. Most of them happened in busy central Tube stations and at least one blast happend in packed two-carriage bus. News media reports for hundreds injured and at least douzen dead bodies found near the explosions. Currently I’m at work but whenever I find more time to write I’ll post more information about the situation here in London.

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “London under attack

  1. You’re good – that’s great!
    I have friends couple in London and I cannot reach them on their mobiles. I’m really worried and I hope soon I’ll receive my SMS delivery confirmation 🙁 !

  2. Be careful! Don’t forget to call your wife and talk her nice things. I hope that the threat will be gone soon!
    Take care and keep us up to date 🙂

  3. @Doncho
    Doncho, try to contact your friends later. The mobile networks are overwhelmed with the phone calls from all these people trapped in Central London.

    Fortunately Tanya has a day off today. She was with me when we heard about the explosions. I’ll blog the whole story later, when I get back home.

  4. I’m happy that all three of you are OK.

    BTW according to slashdot:
    1. There is one more bomb that haven’t explode.
    2. The mobile phone network has been switched to a Security Services only mode so members of the public can only make emergency 999 calls.

  5. @Ivan
    About the first point: Police has found a car packed with explosives close to one of the Tube stations.
    Regarding the second and the third points: it was quite difficult to call anyone at that day due to the overwhelmed phone networks. The emergency line 999 was brought down due to enormous amount of calls by worried citizens and the phone line was unavailable for many hours later.
    But on the next day everything was just as normal. Except the mourning for the dead.

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