The english wedding

Well, this was my first english wedding. As a best man I mean. And hopefully not the last one. I and Tanya were pleasently surprised that everything went so well. To be honest I expected the actual wedding procedure to be something like “Four wedding and a funeral”, but fortunatelly it was quite simple and not too mincing. The thing that amazed us was the hospitlity we were treated by the people – we felt just as we were at home with our close friends. The nature in Yeovil, Somerset is so close to the green hills at home… Surely most of these feelings were caused by the nostalgia, but apart from it the wedding was marvellous. I posted few pictures in the gallery (see here). You can see me wore a pink tie and to drink a pint of Guiness with Richard. But let me not forget to mention how beautiful the bride was and how much Rich and Ani loves each other. Tanya looked blindingly as always even with her not-so-little tummy. If you are watching the photos, please beware also of the excessive beauty here and there. Of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to capture the moment (me with the excess beauties on an urban background) just as Richard didn’t. For the chroniclers and my future autobiographic writers there is also a photo of me and Tanya, she – pure glamor and me – the incarnation of modesty 🙂 .

I’d like to thanks to Richard’s family and their friends for the warm welcome and for everything they’d done to make us feel like being at home. Thank you guys. I and Tanya are looking forward to meet you soon again.

3 thoughts on “The english wedding

  1. You guys look great. Hope you had fun and drank as much beer as you could.

    Is the beer in England as good as they say? I am buying it from the store and doesn’t taste as good as the German or Duch beer at all. Hope one to come and visit you, so we can taste it from the source.


  2. @Clio
    Buddy, you’ve got whatever beer you want, when you come here 🙂 I haven’t drunk all brands and types of beer, but I personally like Guiness. Also as far as I was told there is no such thing as english beer anymore – british sold everything to foreigners. Now you can drink irish, german, australian, indian and even japanese beer, but not “english” one 🙂

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