You know, when I look back on my little life,
and all the women I’ve known…
… I can’t help but think about…
all that they’ve done for me…
… and how little I’ve done for them.
How they looked after me, cared for me…
… and I repaid them by never returning the favour.
I used to think I had the best end of the deal.
What have I got?
Some money in my pocket.
Some nice threads. Fancy car at my disposal.
And I’m single.

Free as a bird.
I don’t depend on nobody.
Nobody depends on me.
My life’s my own.
But I don’t have peace of mind.
And if you don’t have that, you’ve got nothing.
So, what’s the answer?
That’s what I keep asking myself.
What’s it all about?
You know what I mean?

Alfie (starring Jude Law)

За какво ли е наистина всичко това…

П.П. Някои успя ли да преведе това на български… и да запази същия смисъл…

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